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Netbook for Christmas

Netbooks for Christmas - Asus EEE PC 1001P

A netbook for Christmas could be a very good idea for a gift if you are willing to spend around $300 - or less in some cases. After the Kindle - Latest Generation Amazon Kindle - which is the No. 1 best-selling electronic product on Amazon - netbooks are very much in demand.

Asus Eee PC 1001-P White
 The Asus Eee PC 1001P-PU17 Seashell NetboksAsus Eee PC 1001P - with Windows 7 Starter and 10.1-inch screen is a very good offering for people on the go as it has excellent wireless connectivity and efficient performance and the price is a not too wallet emptying $299.

It is also very eye-catching with its lattice-work shell. More importantly perhaps you get 11 hours battery life thanks to the ASUS Super Hybrid Engine and the new Intel Atom N450 processor.

It is also very comfortable to use thanks to its large palm rest, and multi-touch trackpad.

It 250GB Hard Disk offers plenty of storage and its 1GB system memory is adequate but can be upgraded to 2GB (you can never have too much memory - but immense hard disks are not necessary).

Wi-Fi networking and Bluetooth 2.1 ensure wireless mobility. It is sold with Windows 7 Starter but if possible you would be better getting ithis upgrade to Windows 7 Home Premium (check and get it done before you buy if possible for the extra $50). It is also fitted with an integrated webcam and microphone for chatting if you are the chatty type !

The battery life of 11 hours is excellent so this makes it a really good Netbook asus netbooks
for people who move about a lot. With Christmas less than a month away make sure to buy early to get it deliver on time !

If you are looking for Netbooks for Christmas for the Kids then check out the Dell Nickelodeon and the Acer Disney -here -->  netbooks for kids

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