Friday, December 11

Best Netbooks Asus T91 Tablet

Best Netbooks - Asus EEE PC T91 Video Review

The Asus Eee PC T91 is one of the best netbooks available at the moment - according to Asus it will revolutionize netbooks. It is both a netbook and a tablet and the best way to see this is to watch the video below.

The key characteristics are :

•Panel rotates 180-degrees into tablet mode
•8.9-inch touchscreen-enhanced Eee PC
•Battery life - 5 hours
•Energy-efficient Intel Atom Z520 processor
•Exclusive touch-optimized software suite
•52GB Storage = 16GB SSD + 16GB SD Card + 20GB Eee online Storage
•Stylus for extra precision
•Wireless connectivity with Bluetooth v2.1 and Wi-Fi 802.1 b/g/n

Asus Eee PC T91 Video

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