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Best Netbooks | Asus Eee PC T91MT

Looking for a netbook computer for Christmas ? ASUS has launched the Eee PC T91MT, the smallest convertible netbook with a multi-touch screen that supports Windows 7 Multi-Touch.

Best Netbooks - Asus Eee PC T91MT Multi-Touch

Asus Eee PC T91MT Netbook
It is aimed at students and professionals who have to take notes or make one-to-one presentations, the Eee PC T91MT is one of the slimmest and best netbooks available with Windows 7 Home Premium (do not get Windows 7 Starter Version by the way you will only regret it) - it is just 1" thick and weighs less than 1 kg -- it reproduces handwriting and lets you to perform tasks intuitively using just your fingers (as oppose dto some netbooks which require you to use your toes too?).

The multi-touch capabilities of the Asus Eee PC T91MT netbook are enhanced by a comprehensive suite of preinstalled software optimised for touch. The Eee PC T91MT is designed for people on the move and has a shockproof 32GB Solid State Drive and an additional 500GB of online WebStorage.

One more reason why it is one of the best netbooks around is that it is dual purpose, in tablet form it can be used as an e-reader, in netbook mode it is a great tool for discussions, as the screen swivels for use by more than one person, and it can also accept touch input from more than one person.

The Eee PC T91MT netbook supports Windows 7 Multi-Touch gestures, so that almost every task can be carried out just by tapping, dragging, pinching or flicking. Games become much more interactive and documents can be flipped through with fingers as if they were real books.

Users can also carry out a whole host of tasks with their fingertips, such as editing photos using FotoFun, taking notes and writing handwritten reminders with Memos.

The Eee PC T91MT has a 8.9" multi-touch screen that allows drawing on its 8.9-inch WSVGA LCD panel with 1024 X 600 resolutions. It features basic wireless LAN 802.11b/g/n for easy network connectivity, and Bluetooth 2.1+EDR wireless technologies. It also has a 0.3 megapixel built-in camera module, USB 2.0 host and Ethernet ports, two USB ports, stereo speakers, built in Digital Array Mic Interface, a D-sub 15-pin connector for an external monitor and a VGA Connector.

One LAN RJ-45 port, two audio jacks and an MMC/SD (SDHC) card reader. Battery life is up to 5 hours on the power of the Li-polymer battery. For a video presentation of the Asus Tablet Netbook see Asus T91 Netbook

The retail price of the Eee PC T91MT netbook is currently $530, not cheap but it does have some exciting features and is preloaded with Windows 7 making it one of the best netbooks available, the only problem is it may prove hard to actually get hold of one. Alternative is the Acer Ferrari Laptop

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  1. I own this T91MT (from NewEgg), great netbook for basic web surfing and watching some videos. I wouldn't call it multitouch though as it only recognizes maximum of 2 finger points at once, I call that DUALTOUCH! I was expecting more than a dualtouch touchscreen :(

    It won't even play youtube or HULU videos (unless you download them first) that I so hoped for either (even tried on LAN connection incase WIFI was to blame, but nope). I could only upgrade the ram as high as 2GB and you cannot give more RAM to the internal video card.

    It plays most downloaded files I have (as long as you find most recent video card drivers from Intel, Asus doesn't even give you these), great for all my 720p DivX vids (1080 may not play).

    Tried Windows XP and Vista on it, Windows 7 runs best.

    I have tried some emulators of old 8bit & 16bit games (I am a fan of old games). NES & SNES works perfect. Sega Genesis and Master System roms play fine. GBA most games ran well. Majority of MAME games would play (use GlovePie and your WiiMote). A few n64 games ran ok. DosBox with games like DOOM, Blood, etc work well too. I wouldn't expect to get more gaming from this unit.