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Best Netbooks Window 7 Home Premium

Best NetbooksAccording to Retrovo, 61% of netbook users do not like the new Windows 7 starter edition. So if you have gone out of your way to carefully choose one of the best netbooks around - don't put Windows 7 Starter Edition on it.

Best Netbooks - Windows 7 Any Good?

The reason being that there are limitations on Windows 7 starter edition that weren't there with Windows XP, which Microsoft has not tried to hide, but people don't seem to take any notice.

If you want Windows 7 on a netbook then you need to get the Windows 7 Home Premium version.

Windows makes its software to make money not to make people happy, but customers really should check things out before handing over their hard-earned cash. The message is clear, get Windows Home Premium for your netbook !

There are alternatives to Windows of course, one of which is Linux, and some reports are saying that Linux could get over 30% of the netbook market share this year alone. That's not good new for Microsoft of course, so if you don't like Microsoft, then check out Linux.

Microsoft say “For the most enhanced, full-functioning Windows experience on small notebook PCs, however, consumers will want to go with Windows 7 Home Premium, which lets you get the most out of your digital media and easily connect with other PCs.” You can't have it clearer than that. From what I can see from the forums netbook owners who are using Windows 7 Home Premium are quite happy with it.

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